Luke 9:48 Orphanage

Madam Denerya

Luke 9:48 Orphanage
Bohoc, Haiti 

Madam Denerya

Christ’s Provisions has the privilege to provide for the physical needs of the care givers and orphans at Luke 9:48 Orphanage near Bohoc, Haiti.

After working in an orphanage full time for 10 years, Madam Denerya felt called to take in the “least of these” and raise them as her own, training them up in the ways of the Lord. She is currently caring for 14 orphans and has testified that her faith in God is all she needs to be able to support these orphans. These 14 orphans come from many different families and either have lost one or both parents, or their family members have come begging Madam Denyera to take their children because they know she can “provide” better for them. When food is not available, she stands firm in believing “I have faith that God will provide”.  

Christ’s Provisions has come along side Madam Denerya to provide for the basic physical needs at the orphanage.   

The children in July of 2019

The children in August of 2018

The children with CPI Board Members in July 2015


The boys in the area where the new sleeping dorm will be constructed.

The plan for the boy’s dorm required by the Haitian government.  We are so grateful to those who donated $9,000 to construct this building.

The dorm under construction.  This was completed in January of 2019.