Pastor Joe Maggelet


Ashland University Chaplain
Ashland, OH
Ministering to Ashland University students, faculty, and staff.


Pastor Joe Maggelet has been serving young adults for over 33 years through Campus Ministry and as Athletic Chaplain for Ashland University.  Joe served with The Navigators before deciding to join Christ’s Provisions as our first full time missionary. Joe is an ordained pastor and a graduate of Ashland Theological Seminary.  He teaches Bible weekly at his local church.
Joe also reads and studies widely about History, Prophecy & Current Events.  Since 2014, he has been blogging weekly on this topic and does a LIVE weekly broadcast with his wife, Renee.  You can find his blog at  He also has a YouTube Channel with his teaching series:  The Big Picture of the Bible and The Big Picture of Romans.  
Joe published his first book in 2016, The ‘I’ Judgments: Four Sins that Bring About the Fall of Nations (And the Coming Judgment of America)
He and his wife, Renee, have four married children and live in Ashland, OH.  


Below are some photos of Joe’s ministry in Ashland:

Teaching small group at his local church


Leading a mission trip to the Dominican Republic in May 2016


Ministering to the Ashland University Football Team

Ashland University with the GLIAC championship trophy after Saturday's game against Notre Dame at Jack Miller Stadium. Photo by Sarah Gordon

Ministering to the Ashland University Men’s and Women’s Basketball Teams

AU Basketball teams 2015

Baptizing a student in FCA