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    Dear Supporters,                                                                                 

    2020 was truly a year for the history books.  Thankfully, God is still in control and will always be!  We are so grateful for each of you and would like to share some praises and prayer requests for the past year and the coming year. 

    Thank you for your continued support in 2020.  We will continue to use your financial gifts to spread the good news of the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ around the world. 

    Luke 9:48 Orphanage

    We praise the Lord that the children and their caregivers at Luke 9:48 Orphanage in Bohoc, Haiti have been healthy and strong and have not been affected by the virus so far.  The children were home from school for many months as places shut down to prevent the virus from spreading but in October, they were able to return and complete their school year.  We thank you for your support that provides basic items like food, housing, clean water, and tuition for their education. One of our goals in 2021 is to begin to identify skills and opportunities for the children that they could use to support themselves as they age out of the orphanage in the years ahead. We do have time to accomplish this as the oldest child is in the seventh grade.

    We have also added an updated photo, their age, and year in school along with a prayer request for each of the children here: Meet the Children of Luke 9:48

    Joe Maggelet, Ashland University Chaplain

    The ministry work of Joe and Renee Maggelet also benefited from your prayers and continued financial gifts as they do the work God has called them to at Ashland University in Ashland, OH.  This past year they worked diligently to reach students on campus despite the limitations that were put in place due to the pandemic.  The Tuesday night FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) gatherings continued via Zoom and students were able to gather in small groups and study the Word.

    Michaela Sinchok, Missionary in Bolivia

    Michaela continues to serve as a missionary at the Talita Cumi orphanage in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  Your gifts have supported her this past year as she cared for the orphans and tried to keep life there in the orphanage as normal as possible for the children despite the changes that took place due to the virus. 


    In His Amazing Grace,

    Michael Smith


    Christ’s Provisions, Inc.