Ukraine Crisis

Ukraine Crisis:

An unexpected war has broken out in the Ukraine effecting millions of families and specifically children.  Christ’s Provision’s is keenly aware of the impact that this war is having on families as one of our friends is an immigrant from the Ukraine and his extended family continues to live in the western half of the country during the war and serve all of those who are displaced by the ongoing fighting.  Christ’s Provisions will help those impacted by this humanitarian crisis by providing food and resources in the name of Jesus Christ.


A Word From Our Friend…

Ukraine is a gorgeous country located in Eastern Europe, rich with history, culture, heritage, unique nature, and freedom loving people. This is our Homeland. We are a Ukrainian family, Slyvko, who migrated to the United States of America in 2006. In the United States, our son was born, we got jobs and we’ve enjoyed living in our second home. However, we never forgot the place we were from, it always held a special place in our hearts, we always visited our relatives and friends who resided there at every chance we got.

On February 24, 2022 a huge tragedy struck Ukraine. Russia invaded Ukraine impacting millions of innocent individuals. Many cities have been left in ruins from the devastating attacks. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian civilians including children have been left without food, water, and a place to spend the night. A sorrowful mood envelops us once we witness people losing their lives and futures due to the war. Successful, happy, and healthy families of yesterday struggle with basic needs, such as food and shelter today.

People in the Ukraine stand in the need of help, which is why we decided to organize this fundraiser for Ukrainian refugees suffering from the petrifying effects of war. Please support our fellow Ukrainians in their times of need.

Ukraine in our hearts forever!

Gratefully Thankful,

Slyvko Family